King of groove and unofficial ambassador of electronic music Steve Bug is bringing his envoy of stripped back deep house and tweaked out acid vibes to techno town.

The founder and owner of the ever cutting-edge German Institution that is Poker Flat Recordings is set to get your tails firmly waggin’ four to the paw.

Say goodbye to bed bugs, there’s no time to sleep when the king of groove is on the job.

Further pawesome transmissions imminent. Over n out there x

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Guess what, guess what!?? Electri-frying space techno rocker Andreas Henneberg is back once again with incredibly ill behaviour, just the way we like it, two paws up.

Just one CHI WOW WAH TOWN away from permanent residency, this DJ, producer, label owner and master engineer has been flipping meaty beats since the mid 90’s.

Welcome back Hennerz, the pack would not be complete without you.

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Part cosmic jazzanaut, part Caribbean voodoo sorcerer of the Swiss farmer persuasion; Jimi Jules is bearing down on CHI WOW WAH TOWN with a crunch bigger than your breakfast cereal.

An impact crater of soulful musical vibrations is set to rock your richter. Off the chart chiwowzers.

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The Bureau of Meteors is forecasting a psychedelic rock infused deep western funk shower, eyes to the sky, paws to the floor puppies!

Uone & Western are set to take the citizens of chi town on a deep western infused funk journey, next stop western space disco house baby. Hold onto your cowboy hats, we 'bout to whip it good, partner.

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Hazard Warning!

DJ, live act and LIKE Records founder David Hasert is on a collision course with Chi Wow Wah Town, assume embrace position.

Comet-like on his debut tour down under, this mind-blowing selector with releases on Like, Beats in Space, Dantze and Kompakt, will have the hounds counting down the days until he next traverses their audio system.

Expect blissful dance floor demolition, hazzardous in all the right ways.

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Cosmic sherpas and Multi Culti founders Thomas Von Party & Dreems are back up in your solar system with more music to multiply your mind. More than a label and production duo, these psychedelic exotics bring knowledge of distant worlds and musics that transcend all borders (collies).

Prepare to crouton your Multi Culti grain into a primordial soup of mind-expanding innovation.

Also, it sounds good.

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Grab ya shovel and get deep in this silky textured sound machine, SAAND.

Beatport’s breakthrough artist of 2015 is ready to shake the sand from your ears and your tails in the process puppies. You melancholic border collies are in for treat.

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Clear the lab, mad professor of music and legendary Jamie Stevens is coming to hound town!

The Jamie Stevens eclectic four season music machine is set to get all up in your hectopascals with high-pressure systems of heartfelt hypnotic tech house sounds. This humble hound is proper chi wow wah sound. mad love.

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Prepare to salivate puppies as we spread the beats on smooth n thick with Innellea live - nuts good!!

Supernova’s pale in comparison to the supercrema de la creme of German live acts ready to get all four paws on the floor.

No sleep til chi town!

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CHI WOW WAH TOWN welcomes back with thankful open puppy arms local live legends Thank You City

If we had keys to our city they’d have em, if they want the keys to our party hearts, they already got em.

Hop on the Thankyou City tour and let em take you there.

Soundcloud Link


You will be shaken, you will be stirred. A heady cocktail-wag of a live set is predicted to hit like a tidal rave when BONDI-Live come to town.

A sum of all parts indie beat, analogue instruments and digital synths, this live electronic duo will have you wooed or woo hoo. you choose.

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Local Classified


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Local Classified

Dave Juric

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Fallen Giants

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Local Classified

Local Classified


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The oddness

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Sacred Summit

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Puppy’s got a permit and they know how to use it – Paw to the floor baby.

After 3 years of boldly going where no puppy has gone before, and one year lost in space, the high tech hounds are back and taking their deep space tech n house exploration to the ends of the universe (just ONE hour from Melbourne!)

In 2018 our cyborg cyclops chihuahua returns from a reconnaissance mission of uncharted terriers, saving those adrift in the endless darkness of space that is the void between CHI WOW WAH TOWNs.

Recruiting the spaciest of audio cadets and most cosmic of creators, we gather once more to colonise the depths of the universe, building an intergalactic outpost deep in the Australien bush, a lost dogs home of galactic proportions.

This chapter, at Our Friends Farm, we will be offering our yappers a boutique 3-day camping gathering with cutting edge art, music and culinary delights on offer.

We’re introducing a Breakfast Banquet, a new concept inspired by our RANCH-O-RELAXO events, with a communal style setting, a place to gather and have your bellies full before a full day of proper fun!

CHI WOW WAH TOWN prides itself on fundraising for MS Australia, who fund research into better detection, treatments and a cure for this crippling disease. Yappers can contribute to the charity when buying tickets, at the gate with a gold coin or with supporting MS/CWWT branded camping cups available at the event.



Our Friends Farm, Tallarook. One hour north of Melbourne, straight off the Hume FWY.  We have a Shuttle Bus Service to and from CWWT-City, check our participate tab for details!

210 Tallarook-Pyalong Rd 3659
Tallarook, Victoria
Google Maps

Closest train station is Tallarook.


Have your e-ticket ready to present, along with your official ID (drivers license, Key Pass, Proof of Age, Passport, etc.) If your ticket was purchased as part of a group, have the ID or card details of the ticket purchaser.

Name Changes can only be assigned to one name to the whole order – not to individual tickets – If people want to change the name of a whole order Resident Advisor can accommodate this via the contact form https://www.residentadvisor.net/contact.aspx

If tickets are to be used by individuals arriving at different times or if a ticket was sold to another friend from a group of ticket sales, please take a copy of the photo ID of the purchaser or a copy of the card that was used.

18+ event. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.


Friday Nov 2nd
Music/Entertainment – 3pm – 1am

Saturday 3rd Nov
Dogs Breakfast – 9:30am – 12pm
Music/Entertainment – 10am – 1am
CWWT RADIO – 1-3am

Sunday 4th Nov
Dogs Breakfast – 9:30am – 12pm Music/Entertainment – 10am – 11pm
Burn Closing Ceremony – 11.30pm

Click the image below to download the set times


There are ample toilets located around the site.

Yes, we have HOT SHOWERS!! Outdoor showers are located near the oval and will be open 9-1pm Sat, Sunday and 9-11am Monday.

There is a $5 charge per shower, bring change. Don’t forget your towel!

Water stations at key points but we strongly advise you bring your own water supply also.

Ice will be available for sale, location TBC.


Its our mission to become one of Australia’s greenest events. To achieve this goal, we want to reduce our waste target by half from our last event.


How we can do this:

REDUCE what you bring – only bring what you really need! Take things out of wrappers before you bring them out.

REUSE BYO cup or reusable bottles. No single use packaging

RECYCLE Ensure you sort your waste and recyclable goods end up


Friday Nov 2nd
Gates open from 12pm – 11pm at night*

Saturday Nov 3rd
Gates Open 10am-11pm*

Sunday Nov 4th
Gates Open 10am-6pm*

Monday Nov 5th
All yappers must vacate the premises no later than 12pm Monday.

*No exceptions to this, the gate won’t be open 24/7 so please take note of operating hours and plan to come in the day as much as possible.


Not permitted (some exceptions can be made in certain circumstances)


For safety reasons, we have a NO Driving on site after dark policy! If you arrive after dark and wish to camp with your car, you are required to camp at top camp, near the entry gates. You will NOT be able to drive to a campsite.

If you need to leave site at night, then drive your car up to the top car park near the gate during the day. Please do not move your vehicle after parking until it’s time to leave!


Our Friends Farm is a licensed venue, whilst BYO is allowed, we must respect the conditions the venue is subject to under the Liquor Licensing Act.

CWWT is a limited BYO event. One bottle of decanted spirits and slab of cans per car is permitted, and if travelling on the bus, half a slab per person is allowed. Alcohol in excess of this will be confiscated. Strictly NO GLASS. Ensure to decant glass bottles into plastic prior arrival. Cars will be searched as a condition of entry.


Please be aware that CHI WOW WAH Town Centre (Event Space) which includes the stage, clubhouse, bars & all food outlets, where all the entertainment takes place, is a fully licensed area.

We have been able to negotiate a unique situation that allows patrons to BYO alcohol into the entertainment area for personal consumption. This means a single vessel /cup / drink bottle per person. Leave your 50 litre eski at the campsite. Large eskys, drink coolers larger than 2 litres and of course or any glass may not be taken into the entertainment area.

WHY? Two reasons:

1) We are operating within a licensed venue and your safety is legally our responsibility, especially while you are in the entertainment area. Excess alcohol can lead to unnecessary intoxication, health risks and anti social behaviour.

2) All of the bars at CWWT contribute the festivals ability to exist. CWWT is depending on everyone to buy a couple of drinks at the least. Bar prices will be cheaper that your local pub, served with love.

Sustainability is a huge focus please bring your own cup and enjoy the minimal waste ethos we are aiming for with our bar set up using kegs as much as possible!


Please note that NO fires or naked flames are allowed at any time.

There are only permits for fires attended to & monitored by the CFA.

A bonfire will be burning bright all weekend for your fiery comfort.

For safety reasons, we ask that fire maintenance is left to the local volunteer fire service that will be in attendance at all times.


CHI WOW WAH TOWN has three types of camping areas.

Camping in TOWN & WAH are walk in camping requires parking in the designated carpark & carrying camping gear a short distance.

CHI & WOW are camping with cars. Chi is a large area, a little further from the party area, for all vehicle camping.

There are NO powered sites available.

CHI WOW WAH TOWN prides itself on offering a range of outstanding meals & snacks throughout the event to sustain your experience.

Dr. Hofmann’s Wood Fired Pizza Bistro
Royal Road Coffee & Pies
El Chivi
Pita This Pita That
Naughty Frenchy
Puppy Paradise Breakfast

Food outlets in the Town Centre will be open all day from morning until 1.30am for your indulging pleasures.

Click the image below to download the map


*Torch, toothbrush, hat, raincoat, warm clothes, sunscreen, towel.
*Tent, Tipi or Swag, sleeping bag, pillow
*Drinking water, snacks, cup.

*As we all know the Aussie lands are subject to large fluctuations in temperature so PLEASE come prepared for all weather conditions including extreme cold, rain &/or intense sun & heat…

*Tallarook can be very, very cold at night…. PLEASE BRING WARM CLOTHES…. BEANIES, SCARVES, GLOVES.
* CASH – no ATM’s but cash facilities for Bar


The following items are not permitted to enter CHI WOW WAH TOWN for the safety of all Town Residents & the surrounding environments.

These items will be confiscated during car search upon entry so please leave them at home.

• Gas bottles (LPG & other)
• Butane Stoves or Cooking Equipment
• Fireworks, candles
• Lasers
• Polystyrene (eskies, boxes etc)
• Glass
• Generators
• Amplified sound or soundsystems
• Pets
• Illicit substances (GHB not welcome)
• Nangs


Art & decor

For all enquiries email [email protected]


Become a volunteer at
Vollyspot Form

Puppy's Paradise
Buffet Breakfast

For any hungry hound in the morning looking for a feed, Mother Tree Creations has you covered. Puppies Paradise is your one stop shop after a long night of dancing, simply pull up a plate and let your eyes rest upon the Breakfast Banquet of Dreams.

Designed to ground and nourish, the Menu is suited for carnivores to vegans alike, an option for everyone, a delicious desire filled for any wagging tail.

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DEAR YAPPERS! Save your world and save lives and catching the bus to and from CHI WOW WAH TOWN

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