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In the realm of movement, where the body becomes a vessel of expression, lies the transformative power of movement alchemy.

This captivating concept delves into the profound integration of embodiment archetypes, offering a path to achieve profound wholeness.

Join Ashley Brown and Simba Khaira for a 2.5-hour transformative movement based workshop. Delve into the timeless archetypes that lie within, allowing you to embody the warrior's strength, the monk's subtlety, the jester's foolishness, and the lover's connection.

Each archetype weaving a distinct thread into the tapestry of our existence, granting us unparalleled access to the vast spectrum of the human experience.

Alchemy in Motion - Simba and Ash


We acknowledge that we meet and work on Yorta Yorta country and other indigenous lands across this nation, and the sovereignty of the land was never ceded. We pay respect to elders, past, present & emerging.


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