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Life is subject to astrological influences, whether you understand how to read the stars or not, so why not claim the cosmic advantage!

Danielle Ashley, Queen of Hearts, will take you on a planetary journey to expand your astrological knowledge, lifting the veil on the intimate correlation that exists between planetary symbolism and earthly events.

The Magic of the Moment will explore chart examples that will inspire and remind you there's magic in every moment! You will play some planetary games and explore different astrological modalities, including Natal Astrology, Predictive Astrology, Saturn Return, Medical Astrology, plus the astrological signatures of the weekend of CWWT festival.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about practical Astrology for insight and empowerment and find the sweet spot between woo and wisdom.

Astrology -Danielle Ashley


We acknowledge that we meet and work on Yorta Yorta country and other indigenous lands across this nation, and the sovereignty of the land was never ceded. We pay respect to elders, past, present & emerging.


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